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Bridget Nielson and Aluna Verse, American, said the sex with aliens 'was the most amazing experience ever'.

Bridget Nielson jam picture sketched two of her 10 children born to aliens. Photo: Solent

Bridget Nielson and Aluna Verse affirmed their children are living with those outside the crystal formation on the huge spaceship. Both said they regretted not being selected for pregnant and give birth to this child by about sex with aliens "was the most amazing experience ever."

According to Metro , two girl group Baby Community Hybrid (Hybrid community children). They believe that the aliens took advantage of their DNA to create a supernatural child, full of the best characteristics of both human and alien.

Bridget, 27, described the feeling as being led up the space ship was "very great". She now lives in Arizona with my dad, but says the permanent contact with aliens, and gave birth to their 10th child.

Bridget also claimed many women have been shaped crystal outsider chosen to give birth to them but do not realize because they had so far in trances.

Also Aluna, staff designed video game 23 years old, from Los Angeles, said she also gave birth to three children with aliens.

Aluna and figures face her son was born. Photo: Solent

"I was in a closed room with many people like me. I sat next to a hybrid creature green reptile and immediately, I turned to her a creature full of elicitation. We 'offices contact "with each other, in front of everyone. It may sound crazy, but this really happened", Aluna said.

Both girls still sketching their children face looks like. Most of us have big eyes and some other features like humans. Both say they find it difficult to live in the real world since relations with aliens.

"I will not be able to have a normal relationship anymore. It's sad when you can not be with her," Bridget said.

The group members hope Hybrid Baby Community find somewhere away from the city to live together. It will be a place where children with extraterrestrial hybrid feel safe to visit them.



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