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The appeal of Star Wars Special Edition Notebook from powerful configuration and looks impressive, bearing the stamp of the blockbuster Star Wars.

Star Wars Special Edition Notebook.

Star Wars Special Edition notebook represents the manufacturer's enthusiasm in design with bold details Star Wars, from the color, the lid to the keyboard, characters, backlight and internal resources.

Inspired by the latest episode of Star Wars: Spirit awakening force , this laptop model is a product of collaboration between HP, Disney and Lucasfilm. The galaxy's presence imprint on the cover, the surface keyboard and hinges. That image villain Darth Vader, Stormtroopers warrior, fonts unique Aurebesh, trackpad navigation system simulation of X-Wing Starfighter warship legendary and keyboard with red backlighting.

Products with unique graphic design inspired from Galactic Empire.

Hidden in this particular laptop is a collection of Star Wars content including wallpapers, screensavers and sounds, promises a memorable experience for film fans.

Users can change the default Windows sound in eight categories characteristic sound of Star Wars, including the voice of R2-D2 robot and make known the collision of light, or maybe replace icons Boxes trash icon space station Star Wars Death Star bold.

On the Windows 10 desktop background, just click on the icon that will enable Imperial Cog Command Center Star Wars library resulting images and themes of the film. It is a collection of planets wallpaper cut from the film, or more than 1,100 unique photographs, including works of art in black and white image, during the 40 year history of Star Wars.

Interface Command Center Notebook Special Edition of Star Wars Collection Star Wars content.

All are present in front of you and excellent technology with B & O Play sound and dual speakers for quality listening experience. The screen of 15.6 inch Full HD, equipped with Intel Core i latest 6th generation, 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive and up to NVIDIA GeForce graphics card 940M.

With up to 7 hours of battery life with new unique design, users can bring "warship" computer Star Wars Special Edition Notebook to anywhere to make a difference and stand out from the crowd.

It has a retail price of 21.99 million, enjoys comprehensive warranty packages in one year HP warranty including home, VIP fast warranty for 30 minutes (at the customer care center full of HP in Hanoi HCM City, Da Nang and Can Tho), and receive home delivery free in 64 provinces nationwide.Detailed contact phone number 1800588868 (free).


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