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Owns $ 1.2 billion, but Alexandra remained casual lifestyle, preferring to save money, the old ride, called for everyone to be vegetarians. 

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Alexandra enjoys horseback riding. Photo: Instagram

According to New York Daily News, Alexandra Andresen, heir to a wealthy family in Norway, earlier this month Fobes magazine voted the world's 1,476 richest people. 
Young woman, just graduated from high school, owns total assets of $ 1.2 billion. Sister  Alexandra is  Katharina Andresen, 20, also stood with me when classes inherited similar fortune. Each of them currently holds 42.2% shares of the company headed by their grandfather FERD. 
"Their assets are obtained by inheritance, but there are three things in particular is the youngest billionaire in the list of the richest people in the world are Norwegian nationals", Kerry Dolan, assistant editor of the magazine Forbes told the Telegraph . 

Young girl possesses healthy body, sexy. Photo: Instagram

The father of the two girls is Mr.  Johan H. Andersen decided to transfer more than 80% of shares for me, so they appear on the list of world's richest billionaires.
Although today's youngest billionaire, Alexandra remained a casual lifestyle, like horse racing, often calling people to take a completely vegetarian diet on Instagram account. But is all of 1.2 billion, the young girl has no intention to spend but to save this money. Alexandra's father is convinced her daughter to buy take a car, even a used car, to travel.
Alexandra also likes selfie like other young girls. Photo: Insgtagram

After Alexandra's assets be disclosed, said the young girl has received 500 friend requests on Facebook. 
Andresen family became rich from investing in the tobacco industry. They are the leading cigarette manufacturer in Norway over the last 100 years. In 2005, they sold the company for $ 500 million and development FERD Investment Group. 


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