Children orphaned orangutan hugging her from missing mother - World star land magazine

Photos baby orangutan in Indonesia continuously hugged his arms themselves made many people sympathy.

Joss grasping her arms as her mother remembered. Photo: PA

Orangutan, named Joss, now being cared for at the Center for World Animal Rescue (IAR), a British charitable organization located in Ketapang Borneo, Indonesia.

According to the Mirror , orphaned animals that many people pity, sympathy when repeatedly put his hands clutching his self as mother remembered. Joss abandoned and the center's staff found and taken care of.

The staff here said they would bring Joss love, the attention that it is desire.

Organizations currently receiving IAR responsibility to care for more than 80 orangutans, most of them little old or new orangutan born.

The orangutans here will be raised in captivity before being freed. They are being taught how employees climb, play and defend themselves before being released back natural habitat.

The number of orangutans on Borneo island fell by more than 50% in just 60 years, caused mainly by deforestation.


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