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A former police officer in the US has been sentenced 263 years in jail for sexual assault, rape women while on duty.

Former policeman Daniel Holtzclaw at 21/1 day trial. Photo: Reuters

12/2015, Oklahoma City jury confirmed Daniel Holtzclaw, 29, guilty on 18 charges of sexual assault, including rape.

Judge Timothy Henderson had suggested Holtzclaw jail sentence of 263 years and is approved in court Monday 21/1 after the victim told police that the former has ruined their lives.

According to Reuters , the prosecutor said Holtzclaw was deliberately hunting for women having problems with the law and forced them to have sex with hope the testimony of the victim will not be able to fight him in court .

"I really want to take back my life, the life I had before he was taken away," Jannie Ligons, one of the victims of the accused, said.

At the hearing, dressed Holtzclaw orange prisoner, does not speak anything. His lawyers said after the verdict was issued, they intend to appeal.

Sherry Ellis, another victim, then said she never thought that a police officer could do what Holtzclaw did.

"He deserves it. I'll never forget the day he was abused," Ellis said.

Holtzclaw start molested many women from month to month 6/2014 12/2013 while on duty.Prosecutors said he focuses on the victims came from the poorer areas, mainly African Americans living in the city.

May 1/2015, after nearly three years in the profession, Holtzclaw expelled from the industry.


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