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'If I do not change this vicious cycle, one that will leave my wife and children, and two, I will eventually give up and wait to die,' said Dean.

He Chad Dean, 40, lives in the town of Hagerstown, Maryland (USA) weighs 317.5 kg. Body fat, squirms became lost control to the point that he can not continue to work as chauffeur drive and could not play with the two children. Appearing on reality TV show "My 600lb Life "on the obese, overweight, Dean said he was afraid the next day his wife Ayesha, 32, will become so depressed that lead you away.

From childhood, Dean has always been "the best student tubby". Shame when people tease, he could only find food surreptitiously to comfort himself. Finally, after getting married, he rolled mold as current weight. "A true relationship is supposed to last for just received. But I only recognize it," Dean said. "This is not marriage. No one deserves to live like that. We have two children, and I feel like one more child that she must take care of. I felt so guilty for that "

His wife, Ayesha, said: "I love him, but he did not do anything", "I do not care much about it, until Dean alone can not go to the toilet". In the photo, she was cooking for her husband.

"You know, you start wondering, that this will last for how long until she thought I was right to burden her, and then she's going to leave me," Dean said sadly . "Once when I take a shower himself, I was so exhausted that I had to think quickly back bed and sleep."

Ayesha admits crying when she is trying to fight to keep the family. "They did not deserve their father's burial scene," said her fear. 

Want to save the marriage, Chad said he knew he should do something to change your weight, otherwise it will take the whole family, even death. 

"If I do not change this vicious circle, then one of two things will happen: One is that my wife and children to leave, the two that I would gradually abandon and lay dying," he said. 

Currently man weighing nearly 320 kg has moved to Houston, Texas, hoping to be the doctor agreed to his weight-loss surgery. 


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