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Sophie pills which are very common drink, have high security but is the cause clotting, causing her death. 

Sophie Murray, 16, was the doctor to prescribe oral contraceptives within 8 months after she had from islands Gran Canaria, Spain, back in March 9/2015. However, two weeks later, teenage girls which "happy and healthy", living in the town of Accrington, Lancashire county, began to manifest dyspnea and chest pain. But was specified using the inhaler, Sophie's condition has not progressed,the Mirror reported. 

Sophie is a beautiful girl, dynamic. Photo: MEN

At the hearing has taken place, Ms. Shelly Crichton, Sophie's mother, said that 8/11 day, her daughter woke up and said that she could not breathe. Just moments later, Sophie fainting, lip discoloration and bruises. But immediately be taken to the emergency hospital, the young girl died later that day. 
Dr Richard Prescott said Sophie strong rule blood deaths caused by deep vein thrombosis (DVT). A second reason is that because you are taking oral contraceptives. Large blood clot in diameter 8 mm, and if detected early, Sophie has been prescribed blood-thinning medications and survived. 
Sophie taking the Pill Microgynon. Paper manuals specify its drug could "increase the risk of blood clot". However rarely blood clots are formed and capable of causing death is very rare. 
A nurse said that only 6 in 10,000 women taking oral contraceptives suffer DVT. Dr. Paramundayil Joseph, who prescribe to Sophie, that he had not thought his patients had DVT, because she was too young, not overweight and not smoking. So he new inhaler and medication list to help ease breathing Sophie. 
"This is the most commonly used contraceptive pills. I did it for 31 years, Statistics and never had any similar case happened before. Sophie is a dynamic girl, but very unfortunate" Dr. Joseph said. 

Sophie is currently Accrington Academy student, she dreamed of the future will become a health professional.


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