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Comedian Nick Cannon has a funny greeting on Instagram.

Two days after hearing Mariah Carey received a proposal billionaire James Packer casino, MC and comedian Nick Cannon has sent greetings to his ex-wife with shots of humor. Nick posted the image of a fan mechanism taken from the film The Hollywood Husbands , including photographs he was lying in a hospital bed dolefully, flanked by colleagues Kevin Hart face full of mood. The photo printed with the words: "It was just a stop ring that Nick ...".

Nick posted the picture of fans prepared to hear of his former wife engaged.

Nick Cannon caption when posting images he sarcastically: "Haha! This stuff makes me laugh really! Funny! With all affection, send congratulations to Mariah Carey and James! God bless bless the upcoming marriage of you ... Those amazing and wonderful couple ".

Nick and Mariah 12/2014 divorce in May after six years of marriage and have 4 year old twins. By now, the cause has yet to be parted to reveal but after breakup, two people remain close and share the care of children. Previously, the couple Mariah had the years and very much together, despite her 11 years of age than Nick.

Mariah and Nick Cannon a happy time. Nick is also famous as the husband emotionally and gallantry.

While being separated from her husband in May 9/2014, Mariah accidentally meet an Australian billionaire James Packer at movie premiere. They quickly crush on each other and love blossom in summer 2015. On the last 21/1, James knelt in 46 suitors diva romantic dinner at a restaurant in New York with a diamond ring worth cost about $ 7.5 million. This is one of the most expensive engagement ring that a female Hollywood stars awarded.

Mariah radiant wearing an engagement ring after leaving dinner with James Packer.


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