Kim Tae Hee revealed charm of Bi Rain - World star land magazine

Actress praise boyfriend is 'warm man', always make concessions to her whenever they had argued.

Kim Tae Hee and Rain is one of the hottest couples Korean showbiz. Two people openly dating from 2013 but does not include about marriage. Recently, the South Korean female pearl openly reveal their affair in an interview in The Instyle.

Son pair of lovers of Korean entertainment industry.

When asked about the attraction of her boyfriend, Kim Tae Hee said: "We were working in a field that should have a lot of similarities. But sometimes quarrel, but he's very good personality, is a warm man. " The actress said, after three years of dating with her boyfriend, she has learned a lot from him, two people can offset each other's shortcomings.

Two people often dating dining, strolling though very busy.

Beautiful Love Story Harvard revealed: "It's a date we do not have anything special, just like any other couple." Tae Hee said she and Rain often eat together, walk, occasionally South River wind damage. They got along well together to talk food ideas. Kim Tae Hee quiet, taciturn, offset Rain very witty, often teased girls laugh.

Sokcho new couple sailing together into the last round of New Year.


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