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To have money and be famous, many female pop artist agreed to dedicate themselves even forced abortions.

Contract "included senior girls" are journalists Sung Kim Myo revealed in talkshow Heard It Through the Grapevine broadcast on Channel A at 18/1. Myo-sung told, there is a long list of women artists are looking for sponsors - the rich man and the forces willing to pay big money to help the people of this beautiful career development. In return, they will be "repay" in sex.

Sung Kim Myo journalists discussed the shocking truth behind the contract of the sponsors for the Korean girl group.

Female journalist said: "I never met a businessman who is touted as sponsors. He since has received a list of female stars, including many female music group. I get him to see this list and astonished. Besides the name of the artist, it is still clearly hierarchical and prices ".

Myo-sung said the famous beauties are placed at the top while the female star in the lower rating is the least-known member of the girl group.

The most shocking thing in the disclosure of journalists were "getting pregnant terms" with the donors: "When the artist accidentally stick elected, they will have an abortion abroad. The cost of abortion clearly stated in the contract. "

Jisoo Tahiti group had been offering sex for money exchange.

This is not the first time something done "cover girl" of the drama was exposed. Recently, the singer of the group Jisoo Tahiti, said she used to get invitations to change the account the money through Instagram. The company's management has Jisoo report it to the police for investigation.



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