Leo DiCaprio and reveal photos kissing Rihanna - World star land magazine

Amateurs 'The Revenant' and 27 female singers 'lip lock' steamy in a nightclub in Paris.

Romantic series of amateur images Leonardo DiCaprio and singer Rihanna is shooting at L'Arc nightclub in Paris last Sunday, 17/1. Between large friends and guests, the two stars did not hesitate to kiss amorously. Couple smiling at each other passionately and dancing together.

Rihanna photos reveal kiss and Leo.

One witness shared journal The Sun : "Rihanna and Leo really overt romantic. Both seem to not care if anyone sees. They should not be confused deep kiss it with a social kiss" .

Leo DiCaprio and Rihanna Rumors "crush" was spread over several years, but the singer denied each and insisted they were just friends. Until now, images of Rihanna and embrace new DiCaprio officially be shared on the network.

DiCaprio currently in France for the premiere of The Revenant while Rihanna also in the country to film the Eiffel Tower Valerian. Amateurs of Hollywood playboy just recently split bikini model Kelly Rohrbach last year was singer Umbrella still Single from few years.


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