Celine Dion fist of the husband off the final resting place - World star land magazine

Female singer choked husband kiss his coffin before leaving forever.

Afternoon 22/1, Celine Dion and three sons to her husband's funeral at Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal, Canada. Celine took 5 year old twins present while the boy goes back 14 years with his grandmother.

Rene's funeral was held at the church where 21 years ago, manufacturers Rene Angelil and Celine music had a romantic wedding.

Hidden grief, Celine looks strong showing during the funeral begins at 2pm.

The eldest son of Celine emotional to say goodbye father. "Father, I promise here that that we will mature in accordance with the standards of every father wishes."

Two sons Nelson and Eddy.

Celine sons and uncles helped support her husband's coffin followed after prolonged funeral.

She choked kiss him one last time.

House music producer died on 14/1 after years of battling cancer.


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