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Mireia Lalaguna Beauty has long been a fan of Neymar and Barcelona.

Miss World team dressed Barca. Mireia revealed her love football inherited from his parents and regularly to the Nou Camp to cheer for the home team.

Many Spanish newspapers reported that Miss World is secretly dating the player Neymar. Both have yet to speak publicly confirm or emotional relationship, but sources confirm that, Mireia and Neymar are far ahead of the fan - idol.

In many interviews, Miss 23 have confessed that she is a big fan of the Barcelona and her favorite player is striker Neymar most. Mireia Lalaguna said, whenever possible, you have to pitch to cheer for the team and the fans of Barcelona. In a number of recent sporting events, beautiful people have an opportunity to meet Neymar. According to sources, his heart was not Brazilian striker from "wonky" before beauty and passionate feelings of the world's beauty queen.

Neymar was rumored to have a relationship on a friendship with Mireia Lalaguna.

However, at present only Mireia Lalaguna in Spain for a short time. She will go to London in a year to take on the mission of the new Miss World. Beauty and Miss World organization president will travel around the world to carry out humanitarian activities. After one year, the new Miss return home, continue to complete degree programs in pharmacy.

While the fans of Mireia and Neymar are very excited with this news, only time will confirm the relationship of the pair's fine - this player is only temporary and will break all barriers of distance way and time.

Mireia coronation moment.

Mireia Lalaguna crowned Miss World on December 19/12 in China last year. She is a professional model for many years in Spain before the contest Miss. Mireia never had any emotional ties.Meanwhile, Neymar is the guy famous peach blossom players. He has more than 4 years old son after a one-night Brazilian girl, Carolina Dantas.



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