Mazda CX-4 revealed - World star land magazine

Models developed on Hoeru concept, similar wheelbase C-5 but greater overall length.

The first pictures of the new Mazda SUV appeared on a Chinese blog. According Carscoops, likely vehicle called CX-4, but would be a CX-6 or even CX-7, because to date the company has not given official information.

CX-4 is the commercial version of the concept that form Koeru Japanese automaker introduced in many exhibitions in the past. Images car coupe 4-door crossover with some details edited down to fit as bigger wheels.

Although CX-4 is the new model, Mazda's expectations, the size seems not much bigger than the CX-5. Overall length CX-4 can be slightly higher than 4600 mm while the CX-5 is 4540 mm.Wheelbase almost equal.

Mazda said the new crossover will focus on driving behavior, is more interesting than its current SUV. Caves can be a kind of supercharged 2.5 liter capacity of 250 horsepower on the CX-9 2017 varieties.


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