Contestant Miss Chinese International criticism too big thighs - World star land magazine

Many contestants finalists have poor body balance.

Before the finale took place this morning 21/1, 14 contestants Miss China International Swimsuit performances and interact with the public. Beauty Royal Linda from Los Angeles (USA) was awarded the Miss Amity. She was assessed with beautiful face, sweet smile, however, is less glamorous figure with large waist and thighs while frogs, within a relatively modest.

Miss China International from Hong Kong's TVB organization has a history of 28 years. Participants are girls Chinese descent from around the world. However, the quality of this year's contestants were observed less evenly.

Lin Chu Asian Beauty ownership toned body, brown skin healthy but within a flourish unnatural.

However, Chu Lam Asia, have been the most prominent candidates.

Candidates revealed many shortcomings bikini body while performing.

One of the defects of the competition with Hong Kong media is inspired bikini too thin, so the contestants do not dare to stride naturally fearing trouble.